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Chang Jan

Chang Jan 張然, (T. 陶庵) 17th century, a native of Hsiu-shui, Chekiang, was the second son of Chang Lien [q.v.] . Adept at drawing and having learned landscape architecture from his father, he went to Peking and there constructed for Fêng P'u [q.v.]the garden known as Wan-liu-t'ang 萬柳堂, and for Wang Hsi [q.v.]the I-yüan 怡園, both famous private gardens much applauded by contemporary and later poets. He was the architect charged in 1680 with the reconstruction of the Ying-t'ai 瀛臺, or "Ocean Terrace", which stands in that part of the palace area known as the Nan-hai, or "Southern Sea". He served the Court for more than thirty years during which he supervised the construction of the Ching-ming yüan 靜明園, a garden still standing at the foot of Jade Fountain, and the Ch'ang-ch'un yüan (see under Hsüan-yeh), a former imperial garden south of the Yüan-ming Yüan, the Old Summer Palace.

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